frequently asked questions

◉ I am looking for a family practitioner; are you taking new patients ? yes

◉ how should I register ? phone or "Contact" e -mail

◉ which documents are necessary ? health insurance card

◉ I am insured in a GP-Model or "Hausarzt-Model", do you participate in this insurance plan ? yes (but we are not an HMO-Practice)

◉ do you bill the patient or the insurance co. ? we bill the insurance directly, whenever possible
(Assura and foreign insurances do not comply)

◉ if I'm the one to be billed, how can I pay ? cash (no credit cards);
consequent payments may be made via e-banking

◉ do you visit patients in nursing homes ? yes, pre-arranged visit are definitely possible
are we required to take the assigned doctor ? no !
you have a free choice of doctors for care in any Swiss nursing home

◉ are you also a hospital attending physician ? yes, Merian Iselin Spital and Bethesdaspital

◉ can I have my prescriptions and medication by mail-order pharmacy ? yes,
e.g. zur Rose Versandapotheke

◉ do you do check-up physicals ? yes, scheduled in advance

◉ info regarding travel medicine and immunisations ? available

◉ vaccination for Influenza or tick-bite-illness ? available

◉ surgery ? we organise the proper specialist

◉ Diabetes therapy and monitoring ? yes

◉ antikoagulation therapie and monitoring ? yes

◉ transfusions / Iron-Infusions / intravenous therapy ? yes

◉ imaging diagnostic in the practice ? yes, Radiography and Ultrasound

◉ Lab-tests, how long do I need to wait ? immediately available
(special tests are sent out)